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Welcome to nuWriters, a twice a week podcast devoted to connecting avid readers with new authors - Tune in to hear our chats about books, interviews with new authors, and tips of the trade for writers ready to publish!

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A love for reading turned into a podcast

When we started nuWriters, we set out to give thousands of readers like us - readers at midnight who can't put their books down - access to new authors to inspire great reads. And in the process we realized we wanted to not just connect readers but also empower unheard voices. 


À la the great author Shel Silverstein, if you're a dreamer, a writer, a weekend-long reader... come in, come in...for we have some great tales to spin!

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Meet Your Hosts


    Lover of books, travel, art...and tacos. Reader 'til midnight. Colorado gal. Changing the narrative one story at a time.


    Dog lover who enjoys reading, staying active, and tasting chocolate chip cookies. Dreams of the ocean but lives in the mountains. Talks to anyone, anywhere, about a good book.

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